How do I figure out what the outfits are made up of? It only shows pictures here!

Just adding this question in case someone really doesn’t know. The outfit’s description, (usually) found below the picture in the newer posts, will have a title before it in a different font. That there would be a link which will take you to Wowhead, with all of the items that outfit is made up of listed there, along with any possible substitutes that might look good with that outfit if it’s necessary (such as if something’s only available for Alliance and the outfit’ll need a substitute for Horde characters).

– Why do most of the posts here only have one outfit?

The older posts are cropped so that only the first picture will show on the front page to help people with slower connections. To view the rest of them, you’ll have to click on the “Read the rest” after the first picture’s description. The newer posts will still have all the pictures showing as long as there’s not like seventy pictures.

– How can I get in contact with you, other than using the comments section on the blog?

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, etc, you don’t feel like blurting out on the blog, you can email them to

– What if I want to submit an outfit? Can I just send it to your email?

You sure can. Just make sure you tell me the names of the items listed. I can figure everything else after that.


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