Outfits for Tuxedo Pants

15 Aug

Just a few outfits with Tuxedo Pants. They really go good with anything.

Sorry I’ve been a bit slow posting this past week. Classes started back today, had to see about getting stuff ready. I still have no idea how to really set up all this stuff for Public Speakin’ online. Chick sucked at explaining the instructions. Assuming it’s a chick. Not real sure. And there’s no way the rest of my financial aid’s going to cover my books. Biology book + lab book was 300 dollars by itself. Had to buy both it and another book brand new.

y errythin so expensive gawd. But you don’t come here for my rants. Here’s the outfits:


Elunite Covering – This is actually one of my own outfits for my male Night Elf. I don’t really use Tuxedo Pants with it, but I figured it looked better with them than it did what I normally use. I always like getting this tunic on any of my alts that can wear Leather. It’s a very nice green sort of armor.


Gilnean Bit
Very simple outfit that you almost come equipped with if you play a Worgen rogue, I think. It’d be a rarity in the Horde.

Nightsky Rogue Another really simple outfit as all of this can be found on the Auction House. Could be a sort of casual wear I suppose for people who really like black. Like Death Knights or Rogues. Or broody, whiney Elves, says the offscreen dwarf.

GreenieI first saw something like this months ago in Silvermoon. It was a nice little outfit that I took and edited a bit. Can’t remember precisely what I did now, but it doesn’t matter. Looks simple anyway, don’t it? But man, look at how skinny Blood Elf women are. Always distracts me.

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