Other ERP Sets

01 Aug

Aka “being lazy”. All of the sets listed here are just the chestplates and the pants from the set. The boots and gauntlets would be listed under the same name for those select few interested in covering up enough skin as to cause doubt in the minds of those who would otherwise call your alt an ERP alt.

The sets listed here are just straight plate.

I also used some of the “not sexy” races as models so I wouldn’t be accused of being racist.


Glorious Set – Even if I really dislike Worgen Female models. This set is very eye-catching due mostly to the fact that it is almost piss yellow. Only after that initial thought will people go, “Oh, and she’s half naked.”  Whether or not you’ll use this set depends entirely on what message you want to get across.

Vanguard Set – I apparently have a fetish for blue, don’t I? Most of the outfits I’ve posted recently have been blue. That and this lovely Troll lady. This particular set is very much like the Glorious set, only not yellow. I personally prefer this set (it’s easier on the eyes and still quite lovely).

Bloodscale Set – Oh my god, it’s a Gnome. This is, in fact, a very lovely pink ERP outfit. It looks amazing on (most) females. Males, not so much, but if you play an absolutely fabulous man, you might could get away with it.

Darkcrest Set – And now a Dwarf. Look at dat ass. The chestplate being so bright really draws people’s attention to the tits, because most people are like mockingbirds. After the initial eye-grabbing, their gaze’d drift downward and well. There’s your ooglies all up for grabs. Mission complete.

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