ERP / Sexy Outfits

27 Jul

All of the items here contain some (if not entirely made up of) Plate. There are a few Cloth ERP outfits already listed here at this link.

Jade Set – Stylish, sexy, an eyesore to some people. Also, you could possibly be accused of being a dragon with this. Slap on some horns for an extra groan from passer-bys.

Little Left to Imagination – Personally, I really like this outfit. I only play males though, and it looks like absolute shit on them. … Not really sure how to put the sexiness into words, but I’m sure you can do that for yourselves.

Almost Classy – I honestly didn’t even know this existed until I saw someone walking around with the top on the other day. I really adore how it looks. Sexy but not overly revealing. Almost reminds me of a pirate somehow. Not entirely sure how, but there you go. Looks pretty decent on guys.

Broke and Cheap – If you’re going for that “broke and cheap whore” look, this is possibly for you! Unable to afford those fancy get ups, you just slap on some old, broken armor with holes all on it that you found on mobs and hope to attract the bar patrons who haven’t spent all their money yet. For men though, you could slap on some dark gloves and a dark shirt and be perfectly alright with this outfit. Not sexy at all, but a decent outfit.

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One response to “ERP / Sexy Outfits

  1. Abelius

    March 4, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Jade set is awesome. Thanks for showing it to us.

    The only problem is that those pieces are zone drop with an incredibly low drop rate. 😛


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