Simple Outfits (Blue)

23 Jul


Blue Blouse – (Has Plate boots) I put a pair of Leather boots and a pair of Cloth boots I think people might like in place of the Plate in the link. You can probably find all of the items listed here on the Auction House. Only real problem with this one is that, on women, the shirt rides up a bit in the front, so you’ll be able to see the Formal shirt beneath it. You can always leave the off if you don’t mind your midriff showing, or find another shirt.

Different Sort of Blue – Makes use of the Sorcerer Drape, which is a really nice vest in my opinion. Good thing about it is that it doesn’t ride up on females like the Royal Blouse does. Of course that might be a bad thing depending on your preferences.


Postmaster – Blue everywhere! The one on the left is the Postmaster set, drops from the Postmaster in Stratholme. The right is if you’re too lazy to farm an instance. Just a Whispering Tunic and some Gossamer items. The sleeves are very slightly different on the tunic and the coloring is a bit brighter on the pants and boots on the right. They both look very nice though.

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