Simple Outfits

21 Jul

A’ight, first post. Bear with me. Starting with little outfits to get a feel for things.

Rat Vest Bandit (has Leather) – Really have no idea what to title mixed outfits. This one is fairly simple. Makes use of the Rat Hair Vest though; it’s only for Alliance who do a little quest in Darkshore. If you don’t feel up to questing, or if you’re Horde, you can always get an Aurora Armor off the AH instead.

KnittedI really liked this set when I first saw it, even if it’s just a low-level vendor set. The boots might not be everyone’s cup of tea though. You can always find some other shoes to go with it. I’d suggest the Knitted Sandals, but they look silly to me. More of a boots man myself.

Busboy – One day I’ll try this sort of post again and see if I can get through it without any Tuxedo items being in it. This outfit looks like its fit for a busboy or a servant. Very spiffy.

Conjurer’s Vest – Included a human in the picture to show how the boots look when they’re not cut off by Worgen feet. This outfit looks kind of like it’s meant for more nature-oriented people. Or hippies. Mountain men. People who like green.

Tailgunner – Not for low levels (unless I missed some items). Both items come from level 83 quests. Very simple, only two items, but I like how they look together. Very cool robe design by itself too. Used it on my Warlock for a while.

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