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Little Black Dress Night

Sorry for the hiatus!  I’ve been wallowing about in Cataclysm spoilers and I must say, this little RP clothes lover -isn’t- too happy with the way things are looking.  I hope we aren’t having a repeat of wrath with everything looking the same.  I’m not saying we should be in Outlands Skittle Clothing but here’s hoping that’s all placeholders and we’ll get some lovely new sets.

In other news; I keep watch of all the things that bring people to my page and the latest search that has brought in some traffic is “Black WoW RP Clothes”.  So it got me thinking about black!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Traditional, the Lovely Black Dress and a nice Tuxedo Set, I think are standard for any black tie affairs.

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Rogues and Steampunk

I look through the data for this page and see that one of the searches that leads people here is ‘Good Rogue RP Clothes’. I hate to think that the searchers went away from this page without finding anything but worry not new comers! A friend of mine has supplied me with two interesting rogue outfits.

1. Traditional Black. I like this one. Personally, me I really like anything with black leather and buckles. What’s wonderful about this is you can look awesome at a fairly low level! Max is 20 for most of these pieces, I think that’s our lowest RP outfit to date. Ladies have a slightly more revealing look to them, but I think its super cute. If you don’t like it, switch out the Swashbuckler for a shirt that covers the midriff that suits you. I personally suggest a Stylish Black Shirt.

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