For the Alliance!

23 Jun

Clothes that have sort of an Alliance feel to them.

1. The Knight True this outfit is a bit on the…skanky side for ladies.  On the gents it actually looks rather nice.  Throw in a shirt if you don’t want to show too much skin.   Plate/Drop-AHHunt/Lvl 40+  Though the two weapons linked are at least 60-70.  You can probably find some replacements.

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2. The Scarlet Crusader All of these items drop from the Scarlet Monastery!  If you’re a low level you might need some help, but most 70-80’s can run that place into the ground easily.   Of course some of the items can be purchased on the AH. Mail/Dungeon-AH Hunt/Lvl40 at least. Some of the weapons included have a similar -feel- to the set.
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3. Misty Reed When I think Druid, I think Night Elf, and then I think leaves. Because I am original like that. I believe there’s a robe that looks just like this but the name escapes me. Cloth, Drops/AH Hunt, Level 70 minimum.

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One response to “For the Alliance!

  1. Eilonthay

    November 26, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    The robe you’re thinking of that mimics the Misty Reed gear (or perhaps it’s the Misty Reed set mimicking the robe?) is the Novice’s Robe ( that all druids start out with. So far as I know, it’s the ONLY robe available in the game that has that particular coloring (and Misty Reed is also the only item set to match the Novice Robe), which is rather depressing because my druid would be out fighting in that skin come the Era of Transmogrification! Alas, it will remain city gear, since it is only statless cloth.

    It used to be that a Night Elf quest reward ( gave an easily attained color alternative that was quite pretty, but Deathwing blew up the world and homogenized the look of a LOT of different low level gear to blah looking skins, so it is no more.

    There are also other skins in different colors (credit goes to the folks at Wowhead, though I’ve done many, many searches of my own, still hoping for BOE version of the Novice Robe.):

    Yellow + Green – Willow Robe ( Green BOE
    Gray + Purple – Fallen Apprentice’s Robe ( Horde Only
    Consortium Robe ( Green BOE
    Solstice Robe ( Green BOE
    Dark – Nature’s Embrace ( Dungeon BOP


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